Livestream Archive

Livestream Archive

Sunday Services 10/18/2020

We have another Service full of Love, Life and God’s Grace. From Worship to Powerful Sermons, the Holy Spirit is moving at our Services. Join us and be Blessed!

Sunday Services 9-27-2020

2 Services, 10 am Russian service and 1pm English Service. Both full of worship, Praise and teaching. 10 am service had multiple families dedicate their children to the Lord today. Stay tuned for Pictures of these services.

Sunday Services (9.6.2020)

We hope everyone is doing well and having a blessed Sunday! Below we have the Morning, and afternoon service live video recordings. Hope the videos are a blessing to all watching. God Bless! Morning Service: Afternoon Service:

Sunday Service 8/30/2020

You want to WATCH THIS SERVICE! Powerful, inspirational, filled with Love and truth. Our Worship group Gets into it wonderfully. Youth Pastor Mark shares a powerful message, and Pastor Viktor finishes with an Inspirational message. Please see our social media for new service updates and information.

Sunday Service @FSPC 8/23/2020

Sunday Morning was PACKED! With the 45 and under rule at FSPC we are seeing big blessing with our members and guests! Myronik family worship group led in worship while Pastor Vladimir and Senior Pastor Illarion finishes the services with a powerful sermon. Join us and worship our amazing King. We will keep our members and guests notified of the upcoming changes in the near future. Be Blessed!

Sunday Service @FSPC 8/16/2020

Welcome friends and family. Going to church is a privilege, but often obstacles happen to prevent us from coming to the house of the Lord. Here is an opportunity of you not to miss out on church services. On this Day Brother Viktor Shares a word on Blessings, and Pastor Igor Finishes the services with a sermon on “How to Extend your life, the biblical view”. «Как продлить годы жизни!» 16. “И заповедал Господь Бог человеку, говоря: от всякого дерева…

Sunday 10am Service at FSPC 7/26/20

God is Still moving even if the church doors are temporarily shut. This pandemic is scaring everyone and we are trying to stay safe. Watch our service and Listed to Pastor Vitaliy’s Sermon. Also 2 couples get announced as engaged and ready to be married!

Sunday 10am Live Service 7/19/2020

What is Your Pray Dose? Is todays message topic. Pastor Igor Shares a powerful message and translation provided by Youth Pastor Vitaliy. Join us this morning. We experienced technical difficulties. There are 2 parts of the service.