Genesis Sunday School

Genesis Sunday School

Meet our Teachers!

Registration for 2021 Sunday School year has begun. Please register each of your children by click the link below and filling out the form.

Click Here to Register!

Working With Children is our pleasure. At Genesis Bible School we serve children from ages 4 all the way to age 12. We have Sunday school Classes every Sunday Morning as well as Genesis Worship On Certain Wednesday Services. Come By to one of our hands on class rooms and see what our talented teacher can show your child.

This is Yuriy and His Family. Yuriy is the Directors at Genesis Bible School. Yuriy has a degree in teaching. He is also a Full time teacher at a local High School.
each class has multiple teachers, for proper teaching and understanding!
Blessing the Children before each Service!
Louisa Teaching and playing at the same time!

See More images of Genesis Bible School children. Clink the link below

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